Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Evening


Well, there you go.

Unless you don't, in which case - here you stay.

What a nice quiet summer evening we have today. Just the hushed rustling of the holiday brochure pages as the hairstylists settle down in their nests. There is the distant low murmuring of folk singers out in the far woods as they gather around their pubs for their first pints of real ale of the evening, and begin to compose songs about their adventures tracking down wild accordions and feral banjos earlier today.

The lawyers, too, are settling down in their sties with only the occasional rustle and sigh of an adolescent lawyer engaging in a little self-litigation. Contrary to popular folk-myth, lawyers are not at all a nocturnal species. Neither do they flit about around the midnight hour to drink the blood of any unfortunate* they can grasp in their talons for long enough.

No, lawyers are strictly daylight only creatures. They would not dare step into the woods during the twilight hours, let alone at night, without the cast-iron promise of exceptionally large fees. The lawyer has far too many predators out in the wild, which is why they are quite easily domesticated and even prefer life in the lawyer sty, where it is safe and warm, and are only ever tempted out by the strong scent of fresh money.


*not protected by legal charms, such as liability insurance etc.

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