Monday, September 6, 2010

Auditing Your Vegetable Rack


Now, it just so happens that the goats that covet exclusive use of all our sunbeds have laughed once too often at the underside of my second-best badger-irking cue. Now this is not the sort of thing one expects, not even near Droitwich or Luton, and, as for the people who live there… well, do I have to mention the state of their envelopes, or not?

But still, still but.

The cheese is here!

I have seen the state of your bananas and therefore I need no longer wear the cardboard trousers when shopping for tinned pilchards, not any more, not now the nurse know where to apply the ointment*.

However, from the way you have adopted the stance of someone about to fill in a government census form using a wax crayon and the cast list from an early episode of Crossroads, I’m sure I don’t need to audit your vegetable rack, not until next Thursday anyway.

Therefore, I’ll bid you good day.


*Just outside Macclesfield

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