Thursday, September 2, 2010

Causing Undue Distress To A Nearby Geography Teacher


Now as we make our way towards the smaller of the two Social Norms and his warmly-proffered appendage, I would suggest you take a firm grasp on his wherewithal, before letting go of the appendage in question, as it can make the goat somewhat frisky and Little Norm is well known throughout the locality for his nervousness around overly-stimulated ruminants, ever since that incident down at the Lower Crotchstaine Shepherd’s Bring-A–Sheep party, involving the chicken vol-au-vent, a stick of celery and the overly-firm grasp of the village church’s head bell-ringer, which resulted in Little Norm walking with a limp for the next three days, whilst being followed everywhere by a enthusiastically-masticating ewe with a wicked glint in her eye.

Now, as you know, the jelly is not quite set yet, so if you could leave the librarian to come up to temperature as we wait for the custard to approach the correct consistency. Then we can see about applying it to the inner thighs of any eager headmistress in the near vicinity of our tandem, without causing undue distress to any nearby geography teacher.

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