Friday, September 24, 2010

The Etiquette Of Sex Utensil Placement


Nowadays, there is very little opprobrium directed towards those who would consider not placing their sex spatulas towards the rear of their personal sex utensil drawers as so often recommended in the manuals and instruction leaflets.

Of course, those of us well versed in the etiquette of sex utensil placement may consider such behaviour as to be so far beyond the pale that it automatically places its practitioners right outside our own milieu and unlikely to ever be invited to attend even a village hall orgy in Lower Spadgecock*.


*And we all know that the denizens of Lower Spadgecock are no better than they ought to be. There have been rumours that some of them have been seen sporting some of the cheapest and tackiest of fetish gear that would make even a Member of Parliament blush at its poor quality and – possibly- to think twice about the advisability of publishing a photograph of themselves sporting it on their constituency website.

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