Wednesday, September 29, 2010

High Visibility Fetish Gear


Now that we have seen the last of the summer days, the weather here in Little Frigging has – as in much of the UK – taken a turn for the better(ish). Consequently, we have scheduled a few more outdoor orgies on the Little Frigging village green for the next few weekends. However, as the nights are drawing in, we have – of course – had to break out some of the high visibility fetish gear, usually only utilised on some of the more challenging field perversion trips undertaken by the Little Frigging Outward Bound Perversion club.

The High-Visibility brightly-luminous kagool is, of course, a very familiar item of fetish gear, common wherever people with a deep interest in outdoor perversions gather. So, of course, most - if not all - attendees at these late summer/early autumn orgies will be wearing one, especially the peep-hole version most suited to erotic activities, with – of course – the optional bondage clasps, integrated nipple-clamps and the excellent tea-making facilities contained within the matching all-perversion-proof rucksack.

Walking boots too are also highly recommended for the damper conditions faced at this time of year, especially for the women who enjoy putting their foot down and the menfolk who like to be underneath them when they do, as the more usual high-heeled fetish boot can often get stuck in the mud and can – therefore – take ages to lick clean… I’m told.

So, then all-in-all it promises to be an excellent late summer/early autumn outdoor orgy scene and I do hope you all come as often as you can.

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