Thursday, September 30, 2010

Off The Beaten Track


Now, as Little Frigging lies somewhat off the beaten track* you may think that we do not know as much as sophisticated urbanites about the latest fashionable perversions and deviations. This is where you would be very much mistaken. As it happens the University of Little Frigging (formerly the large cowshed) has just carries out some groundbreaking research which proves conclusively that rural perverts are way ahead of urban and suburban deviates. Significantly, this is in both their willingness to try new ways and methods, and – more importantly – in discovering and inventing new activities, deviations, kinks and perversions – with not all of them as the stereotype has it – involving sheep or the use of mud-encrusted wellies….

Er… hang on, I just remembered I have something very important to do over at the sheep dip… and I think I’ll probably need my wellies too….

So, anyway… er…. See you tomorrow.

*Although for those who enjoy such dalliances there is a small clearing, off the main roadway set aside for activities ranging from a few strikes with a light cane right up to an old oak tree suitable for complete bondage and flogging with various whips and so forth. There is also a small fetish hire booth manned and or/womaned throughout the hours of daylight from late April through to Late September where all the necessary items from handcuffs and gags right up to domestic ungulate restraints and social worker immobilising straps and ropes, can be hired for a small charge, if you have brought none of your own.

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