Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orgies and Innovations


Even in the most mundane of ordinary weekly orgies at the village hall it is incumbent upon the participants therein to at least make some kind of effort to make some kind of innovations to their fetish gear or come up with some kind of new deviation or just a new kink to prevent the event becoming too stale.

I know there are some who believe that the more straightforward the dalliance, the more ‘authentic’ it is. Nevertheless, I believe this shows a very na├»ve view of humanity. From the archaeological record it seems that even the earliest of our proto-human ancestors was apt to notice that various items around them - both naturally-formed and man-made - had certain characteristics which made them useful for helping make those slow evenings around the camp fire pass in more interesting ways. This was even before the times when there was anything recognisable as a postmistress or assistant librarian as a putative dalliance partner, and extra-virgin badger spleen oil for use as an unguent or lubricant was virtually unknown.

Many of course, date the inception of human perversity from the first use of the sherry trifle in an erotic context by the Ancient Greeks. However, as alluded to above, recent archaeological research has now firmly pooh-poohed this notion, especially since the discovery of an almost complete Bronze Age fireman’s outfit – obviously meant for fetishistic purposes was discovered in a excavation pit near Little Frigging itself.

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