Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pancakes and Perversions


Of course, no all-village orgy in the Little Frigging village hall is ever complete without a fair number of pancakes being available for all attendees during the half-time break before changing ends. Consequently, most of the ladies of the village have over the years of attending the village orgies have therefore become quite adept at tossing, which of course makes them very popular with the men of the village.

The men often eagerly gather around the ladies once a tossing session has been announced to study the diverse tossing techniques of the various ladies, their wrist action and to offer the ladies any pointers of their own which they think the ladies can make use of during the tossing session.

Those of you who are familiar with pancakes and the tossing of them will no doubt be familiar with the fact that after tossing the ladies, and possibly even the menfolk too, are apt to get rather sticky, especially if there is any overflowing of the gentleman’s topping once the lady has finished tossing for him.

However, most attendees regard this as – at best – a minor inconvenience and often the ladies appreciate a taste of whatever the menfolk can offer them once the tossing has been completed to their mutual satisfaction.

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