Monday, October 25, 2010

Avoiding Absurdity


Those who feel that the application of either fresh cream or certain fruits is all that is necessary for the erotic garnishing of an Administrative Assistant have long balked at the use of apricots, both fresh and dried, in such a situation. Although, I – for one (or a few times anyway) – can well understand their concerns, even though I do not share them. For there is a point (or, in any well-managed and organised perverse situation, many points) when there is the danger of the perverse arts turning from what is a noble and proudly-upstanding calling into an over-elaborate charade.

By way of example, let us take nipple clamps, by their very nature there are even in the most well-attended village hall orgy a finite amount of nipples available for clamping. So, any attempt to use them to clamp elbows, chins, the back of the knee or any other non-nipple erogenous zone moves us from the perverse into the merely absurd. The same, I’m sure you will agree, applies to marmosets and lukewarm custard, especially when the loganberry jelly is not quite set.

So, think on, my little fountain pen, think on.

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