Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inclement Weather and Fetish Gear


Now not many people like to wield their erotic devices when the weather is somewhat inclement, especially whilst wearing wellies. However, for some this is the very peak of enlightened sexual naughtiness, especially if it also involves an umbrella and their lubricating unguent of choice.

Of course, as the year progresses towards the winter and the possibility of snow, it becomes advisable to always include a snow shovel in one’s outdoor fetish gear and erotic devices rucksack, just in case a semi-restrained strumpet or two becomes overcome whilst trying to negotiate a snowdrift when wearing little more than a bobble hat and mittens. Snow shoes – or – in extreme cases – skis, can also be used should a modicum of chastisement be required to warm up any exposed areas should the weather turn chilly.

However, use of a suitably-lubricated penguin or walrus should be left to those well-versed in such matters, especially as the chocolate on the penguin is likely to melt should at be used in some of the warmer nether-regions when undertaking a suitable perverted art or practice, especially involving a fully warmed-up post mistress.

As for the polar bear, just make sure it does fall off the mint, or it will become very annoyed indeed, and it is very difficult to flee from an enraged polar bear across snow-covered wastes whilst wearing bondage gear – take it from one who knows only too well.

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