Monday, October 4, 2010

Kitchen Dalliances


Well, once you have your brace of dairymaids well in hand, it is then time to consider whether the colander is really necessary, or whether, instead, you can find some other suitable receptacle for your pasta. It is advisable, at this point in time, to get one of the dairymaids to check that you have achieved the right constituency to take the proceedings further forward by requesting one of the dairymaids to take it into her mouth to check that it is – indeed – firm enough. If not the dairymaids will be – I’m sure – more than willing to lend a hand or two to help you achieve the stiffness required, especially if they would like you to add some fresh cream to their baps.

At this time of year, many of those well-practised in kitchen dalliances will find their minds turning to the virtues of having a hot-buttered strumpet or two disporting themselves in front of an open fire for one’s delectation. There is – of course – nothing wrong with this and it has now being conclusively proved medically that there is absolutely no danger of anyone going blind if they do find themselves thinking of such eventualities too often. However, I am informed that it can lead, sometimes, to severe wrist ache and a tendency to over-exert one’s self. So, as in all other such cases moderation is advised.

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