Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Virtues of Wipe-Clean Plastic Coating


Don't worry my little kitchen utensil, it will not take long for the smaller Welsh Canteen Manageress to removed the glockenspiel from the intimate parts of the gazelle. Still, it is one of those things that always seem to happen around this part of the week, don't you think? So, to be honest, I am surprised that you seem to have made such a fuss about it this time.

But, hush now, it is time for us to move on and speak of more important things. Did you remember to bring the lever-arch file? I have the new diagrams here. We must not get them stained with ketchup this time. Already the instructions for attaching a battery-powered marmoset to the traffic warden have been rendered almost illegible due to various condiment stains.

It seems that the use of a wipe-clean plastic coating would have been - as you rightly said at the time - a wise and prudent investment. I am both chastened and humbled by your perspicacity and humbly request your forgiveness for my unnecessarily high-handed dismal of your suggestion at the time.

However, we are both older and wiser - if a little less moist and supple - now. We can rest assured - as we look back on our lives so far, my little kitchen utensil - that we have done as well as could be expected in sometimes rather trying circumstances.

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