Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The End Of An Earache


Following his much-publicised arrest at the weekend for supplying illicit broccoli to the British Nude Underwater Pole-Vaulting Vicar, Exegesis Palimpsest, the estimable Norbert Trouser-Quandary will henceforth be unable to continue with this… this… whatever it is.

Consequently, as Mr Trouser-Quandary will be unable to continue with it, whilst detained at her majesty's pleasure, this… this… thing will no longer be updated for the foreseeable future*.

Therefore we would be most obliged - if there is actually anyone bothering to read this drivel - if you amend you blogrolls, feed readers, manservant, lad with a cleft stick or whatever, accordingly**.

However, my organ will remain standing proudly here until Blogger come to their senses and delete this complete waste of space. So, until that glorious day, please feel free*** to peruse the archive - and deeply probe its back postings – for your edification and satisfaction until you are completely satiated.

Thank you for your custom.

Good night.


*However, as I probably said somewhere up above, the… er… whatever it is itself will not be deleted and will remain here - mainly as a warning to others - for as long as Blogger wishes to keep it.

**This also, of course, means that the @Trouserquandary Twitter account will no longer be updated either.

***But make sure your hands are warm first.

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