Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mind-Body Problem


Now, or - of course, if you feel more comfortable with the notion - then, is a moment in time, and - if you are fortunate enough to be enjoying full bodily integrity at this time - space.

Speaking of bodily integrity - and why not, after all we are all freely-consenting adults gathered together here to snigger like excited children over rude things…. So, anyway…. Bodies, then… eh? Eh? Know what I mean? Eh?

Of course, I do not - and I presume you do not too, merely see this… this… whatever it is… as a place for like-minded folk to gather together in order to discuss rural perversions in a full and frank manner (before descending into giggles and sniggering, then retiring to another place for fresh cream cakes and oral stimulation). But, I also feel that it should be a place of, and for, the mind too. I know that, in what can be best described as, the English-speaking world, matters of the mind are regarded as some of the most foul and disgusting perversions imaginable. In these places, intellectual stimulation is regarded as far more abominable than un-consensual congress with an un-lubricated aged wallaby wearing mismatched spats and a bowler hat, but here, I feel, should be a haven for those willing to let original thought pass through their minds without fear, self-castigation or feeling the need to take a thorough wash afterwards.

So, if you are the kind of pervert who enjoys having thoughts gambol and dance through your mind. If you delight their full pulchritudinous terpsichorean dalliances in your thoughts, without feeling a need to hit yourself firmly and repeatedly in the genitalia with the religious tome of your choice before taking a shotgun to your head to rid it of such untoward happenings, then this here – my splendid organ – is the ideal place for you to sit.

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