Friday, November 12, 2010

Sequestration And Its Pitfalls


Even though your string collection and your most precious aardvark have been sequestrated by the debt collection agency because you defaulted on payment for your latest shipment of wallaby spleen oil, there is no reason at all to be downcast. For was it not said by Rupert the Inconsequential (1799 – 1654) that all sprouts look alike to someone who has no interest in such things? Therefore, anyway, my love let us sellotape bananas to the upper inner thighs of some semi-naked sales representatives and then sail off into the sunset on our tandem built for seven.

There are marmosets in the wainscoting once again, dear heart, but do not let us be troubled by such peccadilloes at this time of the morn. Let us get naked together and recite our favourite entries from our book of Logarithmic And Other Four Figure Tables whilst you pour pancake mix over the naked and lightly-restrained body of our very own Little Frigging-In-The-Wold cake shop manageress and I fetch the ready-warmed spoons.

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