Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take-Away Strumpets


Of course, there are many both in this country - and in foreign parts - who will extol the virtues of fast food, the delights of the burger with cheese, the various parts of chickens, all fried and heaped together in one convenient bucket. The village of Little Frigging itself contains a fair selection of traditional English Chinese, Indian and various other takeaways that provide the hungry late-night gourmands with something to have with their chips.

However, we in Little Frigging have taken the concept – we believe – in an exciting new direction with our Takeaway Fast-Trollop service. This is a takeaway where anyone feeling that familiar urge when out perambulating or promenading the High street after closing time can avail themselves of something to slake their rude and naughty appetites. Such as, say, a double assistant librarian with cheese, a hot spicy-thighed post mistress, or for the ladies, and/or those gentlemen with an interest in musicals and soft furnishings, the extra-hot foot-long fireman, or a warmed-up Danish plumber in chocolate sauce.

Of course, there are many other such delicacies available on the menu should anyone wish to avail themselves of our hot strumpet service, not only that, there is a free delivery service available. This delivery option is ideal for those in the village who dislike venturing out of their own homes when there is a chance – however remote - of there being ‘something good on the telly’, but would like say a cake shop manageress with her hot baps out delivered directly to their eagerly waiting laps.

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