Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Firm Grasp of a Cream Horn


It seems almost self-evident, thee days, that any cake shop manageress unable to get a firm grasp of your cream horn at the earliest opportunity will not always appreciate it if you come too soon, especially before she has managed to open up the shop, put her baps out on display and cleaned off her counter, ready for action.

Although, any gentleman who has been busy browsing his laptop may find that he is suddenly very keen to frequent the cake shop manageress’ portal as soon as he sees she is open and willing to entertain him. Especially in the open and friendly manner that the cake shop ladies of our English rural villages have become so renowned for throughout the English-speaking world, and America.

Although, it is not only cakes that these shops offer to their customers. For example many Master Bakers will take great delight in offering his lady customers his speciality hot sausage roll, or all manner of stuffings served with his choice pork sword. For it is not many a lady customer who leaves a Master Baker’s premises un-satiated, especially if he has offered to place his hot pork between her baps.

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