Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helping Hands


To most of us, of course, the recent political blather-fest about the ‘Big Society’ has been of little interest or consequences, just the vapid mutterings of politicians playing their usual purposeless ‘positioning’ games. However, mention the word ‘big’ and the concept of volunteering to the ladies of Little frigging and they will all offer – with great alacrity - to help out village volunteer fireman (and blacksmith) Strom Thighhammer unroll his hose out on the village green.

The ladies of the village are always more than willing to volunteer to assist any gentleman from the village, or environs, who needs a helping hand with his tool. The ladies are also usually keen to offer a helping hand to anyone who feels they need the comforting hand of a friendly neighbour to assist them in coming to terms with their current situation.

Not only do the ladies offer a helping hand to the menfolk of the village, they are also very keen to assist each other achieve a level of satisfaction and satiation that would otherwise not be available to them, usually through their regular daily Little Frigging Ladies Coffee mornings. Daily events where they often offer each other mutual hands of support and assistance, back up with full oral encouragement, sometimes with the use of whatever other devices come to hand, to bring satisfaction to each other in their times of need.

All in all then there is nothing – we feel – that the village needs to learn from national politicians about how to offer each other a helping hand in times of want.

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