Monday, February 21, 2011

Orgies and Overcoming


Now, as you may not have noticed during your own village hall orgies, or – if you are unfortunate enough to have to exist in some urban environment – community centre orgies, there is sometimes the danger of some of the ladies getting overcome, especially if they are a popular partner on everyone’s orgy card. Sometimes in their haste to tick off a particular partner on their orgy card some gentlemen – most probably townies or other such callow beings - tend to just come and go, without even offering the lady in question a chance of full reciprocation.

Of course, way back in the mists of time when the village hall orgy was just getting going, this was why the Ladies’ Excuse Me was developed. This, so that in those less-aware times, it gave the ladies some chance of attaining the satisfaction that is surely their due, if not right, by allowing them to choose those partners from their orgy cards that they felt would allow those ladies to achieve their full potential – hopefully multiple times.

It is to be hoped that this fashion for the men to be less generous with their time, but not their outpourings, will not take us back to those unenlightened times when a lady was expected to settle for less than full satisfaction and satiation from her orgiastic endeavours.

Such things should not stand, nor should those menfolk who would wish to perpetuate them.

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