Monday, February 28, 2011

Perversions and the Use of the Library


Even when you can get your hands on an assistant librarian, or two, it is not obligatory for them to stamp your ticket even if you are mutually ensconced behind the reference section engaged in some in-depth research into what stimulates the appetites of the aforesaid assistant librarian, or two.

Now, for anyone feeling the desire to peruse a Trollope behind the stacks, it just so happens that the Little Frigging village library is an excellent place for such an undertaking. Not only that it is the ideal resource centre for anyone wishing to research any aspect of the perverted arts, with the assistant librarians more than willing to help you search through their archives for any theoretical perversion enquiry. In addition, if their time allows, they are often willing to assist any lady or gentleman with any practical understanding of the perversion in question, especially if it involves fingering their tomes or leafing through their journals.

Furthermore, the use of stepladders in an erotic context is well-known and needs no further elaboration here. That is, except to remind patrons of the Little Frigging library that the librarians are always willing to use the aforementioned step ladders to reach those top shelf volumes that are always of a particular interest to those with a deep interest in the perverted arts and sciences. All that you have to do is remember to offer some form of oral gratitude to the librarian as she mounts the steps taking her above your head height. Always remembering, however, to check that she has a good balance and a firm grip of the ladder or library shelves in case she gets too overcome by your oral ministrations of gratitude for her assistance.

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