Friday, February 4, 2011

Shuttlecocks and Perversions


Of course, as anyone who has ever fondled a shuttlecock knows, the perverse use of sport and sporting equipment has a long and distinguished history, especially where ping-pong bats and assistant librarians are concerned, as you probably know if you are a regular attendee at your local village hall Tuesday Coffee morning and all-comers orgy.

Of course, as every such regular attendee at a full village orgy knows, shin pads can be very useful when the orgy pitch is very crowded, and many orgy-goers in the hectic summer season would not feel suitably undressed for an all-village orgy without a pair of cricket pads and wicket keeper’s gloves.

Many of the Ladies of Little Frigging too, do not consider a bath a proper bath unless the bath includes at least one rugby team to help them find the soap.

We have, previously, mentioned how valuable a pole-vaulting pole can be in the typical village orgy, and I would respectfully suggest that experience with the hurdles can come in useful when one wants to be amongst the first reaching the half-time buffet tables just before the referee is blown for the end of the first half of the orgy. That is if you want to make sure of getting yourself a nice cup of tea and the choicer selection of cream cakes before they are all gobbled up.

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