Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sticky Buns and Hot Sausage Rolls


Of course, once you have the cake shop manageress prepared and spread out on the shop counter, it is very easy for her to apply your fresh cream to where she needs it most and for you to assist with applying a generous coating of sticky icing to her buns.

Such is the generous nature of the typical cake shop manageress that any request by a gentleman to warm up his sausage roll by putting it in her hot oven is usually met with more than a little alacrity. Sometimes, with every cake shop assistant in the shop also keen to offer to place his sausage roll in their oven too.

Not only that many of the lady customers in the shop will – undoubtedly – be more than willing to suck some fresh cream from his chocolate ├ęclair if offered the opportunity. For it is undoubtedly true that the ladies do like a man who is generous and polite enough to offer them all a turn with his hot pork baguette until they are fully satiated and overcome with his generosity.

All in all then, no gentleman of good standing should miss out on a trip to his local village cake shop, as it is an experience that he will long remember. A reminiscence he will be delighted to recall – when in the privacy of his study – with a firmness that means he will have to take himself well in hand if he is not to get too overcome by the wonderful memories that come flooding back from his latest visit to the village cake shop.

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