Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emergency Servicing


Once upon a time there was a postmistress and an amateur fireman, and the – after a little while – there was twice upon a time, at least until the leg fell off the picnic table and they were both suddenly tumbled to the ground, severely damaging – for it was he – Strom Thighhammer’s chopper. Luckily, only just yards away at the time, the Little Frigging village doctor, Minnie Strayshuns, and her nurse, Pam Purring, were out for the evening, both intent on discovering what they could find of interest in the hedgerows and discovering what their medically-dexterous fingers could inspire when delved into each other’s bushes along the way.

Immediately, the two medically-trained ladies had the disorientated Strom flat on his back and proceeded to give his chopper the kiss of life. However, when the postmistress, recovering from her own tumble, pointed out that this was not the usual area to which the kiss of life was administered, she was sternly warned to leave the professionals to get on with what they were doing.

Soon, the two medical ladies had Strom firmly upstanding once more, each then proceeding to give him a full and in-depth examination to make sure that the integrity of his chopper had not been compromised by his fall from the picnic table. When both the doctor and the nurse were fully contented that their ministrations to Strom’s chopper had proved efficacious to their satisfaction, then, and only then, did they allow the postmistress to carry on with the interrupted proceedings.

Overcome with gratitude Strom thanked the medical practitioners, who both promised that they would call on Strom the following morning at his blacksmith’s cottage to make sure that he was – indeed – restored to full health and vigour, or whether he would need the medical staff to take him in hand until he was upstanding again.

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