Friday, March 18, 2011

Library Assistants and their Research Projects


Of course, on most occasions when you visit the Little Frigging library, the librarian, or her assistants, are usually more than happy to stamp your ticket. However, as I have previously mentioned the librarian and her assistants are also very keen on research and can often be found enjoying a mutually fingering session together amongst the dusty tomes in the research section of the library.

Consequently, during such times it is considered more than impolite to interrupt the librarians until they have reached a mutually-satisfying climax to their researches. Of course, as long as you keep a respect library-style silence, you are more than welcome to watch them as they go about their in-depth probing researches with their deft fingerings that have made assistant librarians such a regular feature, if not star players of any Inter-Village Orgy squad.

The silence of the library also means that the assistant librarians are also more than adept at giving each other full oral satisfaction by making full use of the tongue and the lips to satisfy each other without their intercourse disturbing any of the library’s patrons.

Therefore, I would urgently suggest that every citizen of this fair land gives their full support to their local library and always be both keen and willing to assist if any librarian asks you to assist with her researches.

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