Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Having Your Tool Always In Hand



As we all know Every hoe ha dem stick a bush*. So if you’ve come across any bush that didn’t seem willing and able to accommodate your stick you know how disappointing and disconcerting it can be. Therefore, whilst you are out on your daily, or weekly, perversion hike, then it is probably always a good idea to carry a spare stick, rod or tool in your sexual perversions rucksack, or perversion utility belt.

Also should you find yourself without the necessary stiff tool to hand for when you wish to clear the undergrowth away from the verge where you would like to plant your seedlings in the immediate future, then again a good sex hoe is always a useful accessory to have to hand.


*The Gladiators – Stick A Bush**

**"Every hoe ha dem stick a bush."  The meaning of all that is "to each his own" It literally translates that for every size hoe there is a stick that size in the bush (or forest) for it.  In Jamaica they use tools similar to a garden hoe. They use it to make a yam hill - we use it to make path.  There are different sizes for different chores.  So it can also mean that there is someone out there for everyone.

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