Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twitching in the Undergrowth


Now that spring has finally decided to turn up there is no better time for those that like to go twitching in the woods, bushes and hedgerows, often stopping off for a quick meadow pipit on the way. It is also a fine time for those that would like to try to cock Robin, and for anyone wanting to see a fine pair of tits emerging from their natural habitat.

There is nothing quite like taking yourself in hand in the great British countryside and seeing what the birds are up to, especially in the mating season. There is not much more that can cause quite a stirring in your undergrowth as seeing a fine pair of assistant librarians as they remove their winter plumage for a quick dip in the duck pond before giving each other a vigorous rub down and a warm hand to buff up those moist places on each other’s bodies.

In fact, the ladies of Little Frigging have organised their own club of twitchers who set off early every morning, just before dawn, so they can catch the first glimpse of our local blacksmith and volunteer fireman Strom Thighhammer’s cock as it rises up to greet the dawn. A sight that - many of them agree - is something well worth seeing first thing in the morning.

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