Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Perversion Helper


Of course, now he is getting on in years Grand Uncle Stagnant has had to resort to having some home help, to assist him with various day-to-day activities. Every morning a Home Perversion Helper arrives at his cottage to help him disrobe the first brace of that days dairymaids and to help him manipulate his sex spatulas until they are moving freely once more. The dairymaids themselves also use their famed manual dexterity and strength of grip to help him become fully upstanding in readiness for the day’s exertions.

Afterwards, once the home Help has dressed Grand Uncle Stagnant, put her own clothes on and left the dairymaids to get their breath back, so he can then go abut preparing the first few pints of Grand Uncle Stagnant’s breakfast. She then makes sure he is fit enough for his daily exercises routine where he walks – sometimes unaided – to the snug of The Pervert’s Appendage ready for opening time.

After a few pints, or so, of lunch, once he is able to walk again, Grand Uncle Stagnant then makes his way to the hayloft of the barn where the dairymaids will be waiting to give him his daily afternoon massage and full manipulation.

After which they will all, Grand Uncle Stagnant and the dairymaids, partake of a re-invigorating afternoon nap in order to prepare themselves for the ordeal of the stroll to The Pervert’s Appendage in order to mentally and physically prepare themselves for that evening’s all-village orgy in the Little Frigging village hall.

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