Friday, June 24, 2011

All Village Orgies and the Use of the Pudding


No doubt you all here (both of you) are more than familiar with the essential role played by the pudding (or dessert) in the village orgy. Any regular village orgy goer (and by your interest in this particular reading matter I have to assume you are – at least a bit of – a goer) will no doubt have experienced the deep satisfaction of having warm custard poured over your crumble at a village orgy, or – in perhaps the warmer weather – having ice cream applied to your strawberries in a very erotic and deeply-stimulating manner.

Of course, many gentlemen at a village orgy will be able to whip up some fresh cream at short notice for the delectation of any ladies who request it, especially when poured over their freshly-squeezed melons.

The ladies of the village too will be more than happy to provide any gentleman who wants it with more than a taste of their own honey, especially if he enjoys it dripping down over his plums. The ladies too will always appreciate the kind comments of the gentlemen there present who take the time to compliment the ladies on the firmness of their meringue peaks, as well as the thick treacle soaking into their hot sponge puddings and the tastiness of their sweet dumplings.

Not forgetting, of course the erotic use of the jam Roly-poly between consenting adults, the delight some ladies experience when pouring their warm custard over a gentleman's spotted dick, and last, but not least, the use of hot fudge on Sundays.

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