Monday, June 27, 2011

Vehicle-Related Dalliances


There are those amongst us (both) gathered here who are – evidently – perverteers of both taste and refinement. However, there are some others who, for example, enjoy dalliances in parked vehicles, notwithstanding the dangers of a sudden unwanted gear-stick in the crevices.

Far be it from me to decry or even pooh-pooh anyone who enjoys pulling themselves off into a lay-by or secluded country parking area, but it does seem to require far more effort to achieve a mutually satisfying dalliance in the cramped confines of the modern car.

Although, having said that, Grand Uncle Stagnant has often commented on how invigorating he finds it to have a couple of farm girls giving him a hand on his combine harvester, so not all vehicles, it seems are so inconducive to furtive shenanigans as the modern car, especially if you are concerned about unwanted emissions.

Alternatively, it must be admitted that the modern hatchback does allow some inventiveness in rear entry positions, such as the AA Man's Surprise and the baggage area can often be increased by the removal of the parcel shelf for those considering inviting others to investigate their luggage space.

It should also be mentioned that it is a shame that with modern vehicles there is much less call for the infamous Hand-Cranked Damp Start, so often employed by those of a certain vintage who sometimes have trouble starting on damp mornings without a willing partner to give their handles a quick crank.

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