Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breeding Accountants


The weather, then, eh? How about that, interesting or what? I've been sweating like a sheep in a mint field, and seriously considering the advantages of Norway. Fjords, eh? That Slartibartfast, eh? What a good idea.

Anyway, be that as it may, I can't stand around here nattering all day, not when I need to clean the expired litigation out of the lawyer sties*. I also need to lay down a new batch of holiday brochures for the hairstylists to use for nesting materials, sometime today too.

Yes, a busy day. So, I may as well get on with it. Sometime today I also want to look into maybe getting myself a few breeding pairs of accountants (fully chartered, of course) for the lower field. It has been a fair few years now since that disastrous occasion when a pride of wild accordions got through the lower field fence and brutally savaged our flock of quantity surveyors that were only a week or two away from going to market.

Of course, as someone with your experience will know, accountants are not easy to work. All that double-entry bookkeeping can play havoc with their inherently weak wrists, and they are notoriously shy about breeding. But the rewards, and the return on the initial investment, can be quite significant, especially if you get the accountants to keep their own books.


*If I don't do it now, it will be several metric inches deep by the end of the week.

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