Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Pogo-stick Use at Village Orgies


Although it is always useful to equip yourself with a pogo-stick, especially at the more well-attended village orgies when it can sometimes be difficult to get close enough to the next dalliance partner on your orgy card, or even get to the buffet table before the mince pies have all gone. It is also sometimes something of an inconvenience to carry.

Many gentlemen, including both of you reading this, will no-doubt attest that it is sometimes very difficult manoeuvring through a rather crowded village hall orgy with your stick poking out in front of you, and can be most uncomfortable if other attendees are not careful with their errant elbows, or are carelessly disporting their cocktail sticks, especially if their are – for reasons of vanity – not wearing their glasses and are in a hurry to sample the cocktail sausages.

Ladies, too, sometimes find the pogo-stick to be more trouble than it is worth at well-attended village orgies to, especially if they are well-blessed with a well-upholstered frontage, as this can cause all manner of difficulties, from black eyes for the over-enthusiastic utiliser of the pogo-stick herself, to spilled drinks, flattened chocolate ├ęclairs, and severe wrist injuries to any gentlemen who are forced to take themselves in hand when witnessing the effects of prolonged bouncing up and down by a well-endowed lady.

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