Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Steamy in the Cake Shop


Approaching a cake shop manageress should only be attempted in clear visibility, and so caution should be utilised if approaching one either on a misty morning, or if the kitchen area of the cake shop is steamy. However, the default setting of the cake shop manageress is always steamy, so being overcautious in such a situation can only result in a dent in your ardour or structural damage to your cream horn.

Most cake shop manageresses - as you no doubt will know – prefer to work naked except for an apron and oven gloves, which often helps when she kneels to see if your dough has risen, or if it needs a bit more kneading. Some gentlemen in such cases prefer the added frisson that keeping the oven gloves on brings to such occasions; others tend to kind such erotic charges somewhat over-stimulating and prefer just a light dusting of self-raising flour.

In any eventuality, it is considered only polite for any gentleman visiting the cake shop to insist that the cake shop manageress or her counter assistant sample his hot sausage roll and that if requested he leave a generous dollop of his fresh cream in all their apple turnovers.

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