Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ladies Lingering in their Lingerie


It has been brought to the attention of the Village Hall Orgy Steering Committee that there are far too many ladies lingering in their lingerie in the vestibule of the village hall on orgy nights. This is especially awkward when the men from Technical Support have to attempt to manoeuvre past these ladies without getting any of their protuberances intertwined in the corridors. It is especially difficult when trying to manoeuvre pogo sticks and barge poles into the main hall in readiness for the Ladies' Excuse-Me in the second-half of the village hall orgy.

Hanging around – except by those with an interest in bondage - is not to be encouraged by anyone involved in the village hall orgies, especially when it may result in excess spillage of cream from a gentleman's cream horn when attempting to ease himself through a crush of scantily-clad ladies, all asking for a taste of his cream or a lick of his horn.

Furthermore, our volunteer fireman Strom Thighhammer has also pointed out that if a fire broke out in the hall, with so many under-dressed ladies in the corridors, he would find it very difficult to utilize the full length of his hose without running the risk of it being trampled by a sudden rush of over-excited ladies.

Therefore, the Village Hall Orgy Steering Committee request that all lingerie-clad ladies try to keep the corridors clear in future.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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