Monday, October 10, 2011

A Large Tub of Greek-Style Yoghurt


Having said that, albeit rather quietly and without writing it down, I feel we are ready to move on. Consequently, someone like your very self who has a keener than average interest in some of the wilder, less-frequently visited, shores of the sexual landscape will no doubt already possess your own bespoke brace of sex spatulas.

It is even possible that you will perhaps have already dabbled in a bit of fully-consensual auditing, or other accountancy practices, with other freely-consenting partners. You could even be a self-confessed quantity surveyor or tarried awhile with a structural engineer or two during your younger, wilder, days when it seemed the custard would last forever.

Nowadays, though, maybe you - like I – no longer wish to engage in practices that would make a tabloid journalist blush, or a politician come out in a cold sweat, nowadays preferring the company of a mere handful of sexual partners and a large tub of Greek-style yoghurt for a nice informal get-together occasionally, perhaps only every other day or two.

If so, then maybe you ought to consider getting out your thermal fetish gear and your fur-lined sex mittens because it seems that here in the UK we have had our annual one day of summer and soon it will be winter again.

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