Monday, October 3, 2011

Measuring up to Strom Thighhammer


Many, if not all, of the ladies of Little Frigging will – of course – be more than willing to attest what a fine upstanding man our local blacksmith and volunteer fireman, Strom Thighhammer is and are all more than keen to offer him a helping hand whenever he needs one, or two. Obviously a man of Strom’s calibre is often more than a single woman can comfortably grasp, unless she has the hands of a concert pianist able to stretch beyond an octave or so. Even then, Strom can be more than they can manage alone.

However, the Little Frigging Ladies sewing and knitting circle have often had Strom come to their assistance when they need a measuring rule to make sure of the size of whatever garments they may be constructing, as each lady in the village knows just how big Strom’s accomplishment is, down to the nearest millimetre and are all able to use it for all manner of purposes, even if it is just something to hang their coats on.

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