Friday, October 28, 2011

On the Essence of Manliness


Of course, the sight of a pulchritudinous post-mistress dressed in a rubber trainee-supermarket manager fetish outfit is enough to cause a stirring in the trouser area of any red-blooded Englishman. Consequently making him desperately search out a nearby-unopened jam jar so that he can demonstrate his supreme manliness to her by getting its lid off in front of her very eyes.

It does go without saying that any woman is bound to be impressed by a man who can get the lid off a jar without causing himself too much of an injury and without – most importantly – denting his ardour.

However, there are some women who find themselves overcome by the kind of man able to reach some of the higher shelves, especially in a supermarket, where the staff choose to put everything you actually want just out of your reach, just – it seems – for the hell of it.

In the hothouse atmosphere of the village hall weekly orgy and homemade cake sale, however, there is little a man has to do to show any woman there his interest in a dalliance with her, beyond complimenting her on the moistness of her cupcakes and tweaking the cherries on the tips of her Belgian buns. Although, if he is dressed in his full leather auditing gear, even that may not be entirely necessarily to get her to put her knitting aside for a time (or two).

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