Friday, October 7, 2011

The Volunteer Fireman and his Chopper


Little Frigging village blacksmith Strom Thighhammer is - in his other role as village volunteer fireman - of course always eager to help out any of the ladies of Little Frigging who are not quite feeling themselves, especially if they need him to use his hose to cool their over-heating ardour.

Not only that, should a lady find herself in severe distress Strom is always more than ready to get his chopper out in order to come to their assistance, no matter how urgent, or dire, their peril, in order to help them overcome their tribulations.

Quite often, Strom often finds the ladies on the verge of being overcome and with their clothing in disarray. Many times, he has said, he has come - with his chopper already in his hand - to the assistance of a lady in dire need of his services to find her lying fully disrobed and eager for his fireman's lift to take her beyond the crisis point of her current state of not knowing if she is coming or going.

However, such is the expertise with which Strom wields his chopper or manipulates his hose, the lady herself soon finds that he takes command of the situation and immediately sets about bringing her to a safe and – more often than not – satisfactory conclusion, no matter how desperate her state of distress (or undress). Not only that, many of the village ladies have made the point that Strom always seems to know just when to come and not – as many men have in the past – leave the ladies still unsatisfied and totally unsatiated through their lack of expertise with the chopper or hose.

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