Monday, October 31, 2011

When Lawyers Mature


I suppose it is always a slightly bitter-sweet time once the year's crop of lawyers has gone to market, especially for those runts of the litter who fail to find a law firm willing to take them on, who end up being sold into politics. It is not a life that you would normally wish upon anyone, not even lawyers... well... maybe not....

However, once the tad-lawyers have had a taste of litigation it is almost impossible to wean them off their desire for laws, if not to work and live amongst the laws, then to do their best to make them unworkable.

For such is the instinctive need of lawyers to feather their nests with as many laws as possible, they also seem to have some instinct for making the laws themselves as impenetrable to outsiders as they possibly can. Of course, there is an evolutionary reason for this, the more complex and impenetrable the law, the more the lawyer can charge for seeming to understand it, and - like the peacock's tail – the lawyer that charges the highest fee is the one more liable to get a mate*.


*As - quite often – no-one else would want the stigma of being seen mating with a lawyer, the only way a lawyer could get a mate was to pay for it. However, since the startling discovery of female lawyers by naturalists this has – to some extent – changed.

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