Thursday, February 23, 2012

Complacency in the Perverse Arts and Sciences


Of course, there is always the danger that a certain amount of complacency will ease its way into your practice of the perverse arts and sciences at some point. Maybe one day you will find you llama somewhat less beguiling than normal, perhaps there will come a time when the thought of the dexterous manual manipulations of a brace of dairymaids leaves you somewhat less than your normal upstanding self. Perhaps even the thought of a plumber wielding his tool around your outlets does not get you all hot and bothered and close to dropping a stitch in your knitting.

Well, whatever you state of ennui you can rest assured that such feelings will pass. Often, it is just a matter of pulling yourself together or something equally uplifting or reinvigorating perhaps something as exciting as creosoting your garden shed or rearranging your tinned goods cupboard in alphabetical order can get those primal urges flowing once again.

If all that fails, it goes without saying that everyone at your local village hall orgy night will, once they see the state of your predicament, all rush with alacrity to give you a helping hand to perk you back up again.

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