Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Joy of Socks


But soft, so we’ll have to wait awhile for things to firm up a little. While we are waiting, maybe we could peruse together this rather delightful tome I happen to have about my boudoir. It is entitled The Joy of Socks and is a useful and interesting appendage for all sorts of kinky and even perverse bedroom activities that make any use whatsoever of hosiery and such related garmentry.

Of course, as a perverteer of good standing any frequent peruser of my organ will be well-versed in the use of fetish mittens and even the erotic possibilities of the duffle coat for outdoor perversions during the colder months… and winter too.

However, indoors during the colder months, and winter, can often be quite cool too, especially when your central heating boiler decides it needs a bit of a rest. Therefore, the use of socks can become essential, even if it is just to keep the frost from nipping at a gentleman’s accomplishment.

Not only that, the use of socks also prevents the possibility of proceedings coming to an abrupt ending due to the sudden shock of parts of the naked person coming into contact with ice-cold feet. This especially applies in such perversions as: the Kitchen Maid’s Preamble, The Cost Accountant Loss Adjustment and The Plumber’s Wrench, which all require careful and accurate placement of the feet to achieve their full effect.

Furthermore, if there are any lady admirers of my organ who possess a pair of thigh-length socks – ideally in a rainbow pattern – could they see me later for a full and frank discussion of matters arising.

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