Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Frigging Adult Education and Edification Classes


Despite having the world’s leading university (formerly the farm cowshed) for the study of the perverse arts and sciences, we here at Little Frigging have not forgotten our duty to inform and instruct those who wish to learn more about the aforesaid arts and sciences without the formality of taking a recognised system of study leading to qualification.

Therefore, we in the village with interests or expertise in all the various perverse arts and sciences offer a range of evening classes in everything from the best way to grout a wallaby right up to and including Olympic-level perverse arts such as fully-consensual nude hang gliding (with a goat) courses.

One of the most popular courses we offer is Grand Uncle Stagnant’s Guide to the Best way of Fondling a Brace of Dairymaids. This course is – of course – fully hands-on and offers a practical guide to getting to grips with a brace of well-oiled dairymaids without having to put down either your pint or your pasty, or even miss the vital last few minutes of whatever sporting fixture is currently on TV. Obviously, therefore, this is a course for well-advanced perverteers only. Most of the gentlemen taking the course are quite-noticeably well-advanced in the trouser region before the course begins, especially when they see the training dairymaids arrive in the class and begin setting up the equipment on the benches.

For a full list of all courses, please see the list displayed on the notice-board in the Little Frigging Village Hall pre-village hall orgy vestibule.

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