Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enlivening Village Hall Orgies


No matter how exciting and innovative your twice-weekly village hall orgies usually are, there sometimes comes a time when it all seems to become a bit run-of-the-mill and routine. Some villages find that one-regular orgy goers have turned into come-and-goers, if they bother to turn themselves out for the orgy at all.

There are times when – hard (or not) as it may seem, the flesh nor the mind of regular patrons sometimes becomes no longer willing as they once were. They are even days when the chicken remains totally unperturbed, let alone bewildered.

However, some villages (not Little Frigging, of course) have managed to turn themselves around (and not just for the much-loved Full Reverse Dairymaid, Chips and Curry Sauce erotic undertaking) and reinvigorated all participants at their twice weekly villages orgies.

Surprisingly enough, the cure for this village orgy over-familiarity malaise is rather simple. All the village hall steering committee have to do, is introduce into the village orgies a well-buttered small rotund Welsh canteen manageress, preferably one with a high EU standard Filthesque rating (say about 8.745 shag and above) for the whole event to take on a new life and for the participants to feel themselves (and each other) once more with an alacrity not seen since their youth.

For such is the speed that a truly filthy (and – as we know – Welsh canteen manageresses are very filthy indeed) well-buttered canteen manageress from the valleys can achieve, she can work her way through a typical all-village orgy and totally re-invigorate all attendees in a single orgy evening; with all promising to come again as soon as they able, in order to enjoy her reinvigorating ministrations once again.

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