Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Erotic Uses of the Duffle Coat


As spring hesitates into life all around us, there is – as usual for this time of year – a sense that the menfolk of Little Frigging can feel themselves (as they often do) starting to perk up a little, especially as the women of Little Frigging begin to shrug off their winter clothing, thus enabling a couple of points of interest to manifest themselves to the menfolk as those women breast the morning chills without benefit of duffle coat.

Obviously, for those of us well-versed in the erotic potentialities of the duffle coat, this is something of a quandary. However, we can comfort ourselves (as we often do) that the full force of the English summer will soon be upon us, necessitating the return of the duffle coat and – of those of us excited by the prospect – wellies as well.

For a certain sort of gentleman, of which I am proud to number myself among, there is nothing quite as erotic as a lady striding though the summer rain in nothing but a duffle coat and wellies, ready – and willing - to take you in hand and lead you to a bower for a quick pre-village hall orgy refresher course in the erotic possibilities inherent in inclement weather dalliances, of which I’m sure so many perusers of my organ are more than familiar.

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