Friday, March 16, 2012

Erotica for Women

‘There is nothing quite as arousing to a woman in the prime of her life as seeing a proud upstanding gentleman waiting for her at the end of a winding country lane, dressed in nothing but his wellies and a bobble hat.’ I am sure that all the ladies currently perusing my organ will be nodding in agreement with these wise words penned by Little Frigging’s very own writer of erotica for the modern woman, Perusal Finger-Strokings, whose steamy tales of passion and rude doings have welded together many a woman’s knitting needles as the excitement of the story builds to a shuddering climax.

Those of you familiar with erotica for ladies will need no introduction to Perusal Finger-Strokings and her brand of no-holds bared writing where men are men, woman are woman and consequently the sheep manage to get some quality grazing time to themselves without having their back legs shoved down the inside of a pair of shepherd’s wellies without a moment’s notice.

Of course, being a writer of rude and naughty doings and living in Little Frigging means that Perusal Finger-Strokings is never short of material for her latest opus. For, if she ever needs a paragraph or two to round off a chapter, she can always count on Grand Uncle Stagnant to give her something memorable in the hayloft. If she requires something longer she can – of course – pay a visit to our village blacksmith - and volunteer fireman - Strom Thighhammer, who will, if she is ready to take a few things down, gladly demonstrate the use of his tool for her in the hot forge until she feels he has given her enough material to complete her research to her full satisfaction.

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