Friday, March 23, 2012

Exploring the Bush


There are many men who enjoy poking about in the bush (as do many ladies who prefer a sensible sort of shoe) and with that in mind UK television has just commissioned a six-part series presented by Little Frigging’s own expert on the bush, Wombat Fryingpans.

Wombat Fryingpans is well-known for his TV programmes and books on the art of exploring the bush and having a good root about in the undergrowth. Many young and inexperienced men often find themselves standing, tool in hand, not really knowing the best way to approach the bush, how to enter it and what to do once they get there; often emerging a few moments later after some haphazard messing about, limp and defeated. There are even some ladies, who despite their supposed natural affinity for the bush find that they lack the finesse of tongue and finger to bring about a successful climax to their dalliances in the bush

Therefore, Wombat Fryingpans’ How to Survive in the Bush is a must-see for anyone who has ever wanted to poke about in the bush and wondered what to do once they get there. Undoubtedly, by following his advice and studying his techniques far more people will find their experiences in the bush become far more satisfying to them and their partners as they – at last – reach the kinds of conclusions to their explorations that they thought were beyond them.

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