Friday, March 9, 2012

The Importance of Pudding in an Erotic Context


There has been some concerned in the Inter-Village Orgy community that some of the newer post-mistresses entering the sport are not fully custard-aware or even fully pudding-compatible.

Concerns have been raised that today’s more health-conscious young post mistresses are forgoing the erotic possibilities of the dessert in pursuit of a superficially more healthy diet. However, it seems that no-one has taken these young ladies in hand and explained that the full-on exertions of a complete Inter-Village orgy season need a robust constitution and having a healthy appetite for the culinary arts is almost a prerequisite for an appetite for the full panoply of the erotic arts and sciences.

As Grand Uncle Stagnant often mentions, a woman who lunches on a wilted lettuce leaf and a glass of water is going to be in no condition to enjoy the rigour of a long afternoon in the hayloft with him. This is especially the case if his bad back plays up again whilst they are engaged in the more boisterous erotic possibilities and deviations such as The Full-Reverse Ponygirl Girth adjustment or The Rugby Scrum and Lollipop Lady, both of which – obviously – need a great deal of familiarity with both custard and the warm apple crumble to be truly effective.

Therefore it behoves all ladies with an interest in the erotic arts and sciences to make sure they get a full serving of pudding whenever the chance comes up, for they never know when they will need the extra energy it provides.

It is also advisable for all who take the erotic arts and sciences seriously to start the day with a good breakfast. This is why my own dear wife, Maureen, always starts her day with a good serving of my own special porridge, which she says sets her up for the exertions of the day, up to and including taking on all-comers in an Inter-village Orgy team warm-up and practice session.

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