Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Village Fireman’s Pole


Many, if not all, the ladies in the village of Little Frigging have benefited from the attentions of Strom Thighhammer, the village volunteer fireman, and blacksmith, whenever they call on him to assist them. Usually, it is to assist them out of their clothing in the hot back room of the forge, or whenever the ladies fancy a go on his fireman’s pole over at the fire station.

In return, the ladies are always more than willing to give a bit of spit and polish to Strom’s helmet, especially if he is about to display it in public. There are often a couple, or more, of the village ladies found each day in the fire station buffing up Strom’s pole and to make it stand out and to give a good smooth ride to every lady wishing to use it.

Such is the popularity of Strom with the ladies of the village that he only has to call and they are all willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice in order for him to achieve a mutually-beneficial satisfying conclusion.

All this is mainly the fact that Strom himself is rather well-built in the gentleman’s region. In fact, the local lumberjacks have often used him as a guide to select the trees they will sell as telegraph poles and to cut the trunks to the required size.

What is more, several of the ladies of the village are always keen to go with Strom whenever he visits the lumberjacks up in the Little Frigging forest to bring those hard working men some womanly comforts as they struggle manfully with their huge choppers and their thick, long, hard wood.

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