Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eroticism and the Village Duck Pond


The erotic potential of the village duck pond is not, of course, limited to those who are aroused by the possibilities inherent in the sensuous utilisation of a mallard feather, there are many other ways a village duck pond can be used to enhance the sensuality of an erotic dalliance, and not only by ensuring that the other participants have to stay upwind of Old Feebletrousers.

For those who enjoy a lot more moistness in their get-togethers than is normally the case, the village duck pond is an ideal location: not only is it out in the invigorating open-air, it does remove the risk of getting an errant appendage stuck in the taps. However, for some ladies who like the attentions of the village fire service to remove a stuck toe from the hot tap, this could be seen as somewhat of a disadvantage. On the other hand though, it does prevent the firemen from having to queue outside the bathroom for them all to get a turn at rescuing the distressed and pre-moistened damsel as much as she so ardently demands.

For those with an interest in erotic arousal through wearing rubber, the duck pond does allow the use of wet suits, and – for those of more specialised tastes the flippers. However, participants should be aware of the dangers of getting their snorkel bogged down in a muddy bottom… unless they like that sort of thing of course.

These are just a few of the erotic possibilities of the village duck pond, for those villages blessed with a larger pond, of course, there is always a chance for a gentleman to get his pole out, for many ladies do enjoy a good poling in the punt. Alternatively, for someone wishing to put his oar in, then no doubt the ladies will be willing to help adjust his rowlocks.

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