Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Frigging Riding Stables


Many of the ladies of Little Frigging spend a lot of their free time over at the Little Frigging riding stables, owned and run by our very own champion rider, Jenny Moist-Gusset. As with most rural women, the ladies of Little Frigging enjoy getting back in the saddle for a good ride, preferably one with a fair amount of jumps that have them bouncing up and down on their saddle in a most invigorating way and one which us students fascinated by the human body in motion and the way gravity affects the bouncy bits find hypnotically fascinating. I – for one (usually a quick one while the wife, Maureen, is out polishing the volunteer firemen’s helmets) - love to study slow-motion film of a lady in the midst of a satisfying ride as her wobbly bits ebb and flow like a sea meeting a shoreline.

Anyway, for persons of a different cast of mind, Jenny Moist-Gusset offers a way to become more understanding of the equine mindset, in order to bring a certain amount of empathy to the human/horse relationship by offering the chance for those people to become ponygirls or ponyboys, offering both paddock and stable based experiences of an intensity guaranteed to bring a sheen to their fetlocks. So, if you have ever fancied getting the bit between your teeth and enjoy the idea of a good ride out in the Great British countryside, you know where, and when, to come.

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