Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting it out in the Open


Often, it is said that to become an expert, or even merely adept, a man must become familiar with his tool. Many men take this advice to heart and will practice assiduously with their tool at every available opportunity.

This is, of course, all well and good, as research has shown that practice makes perfect, or, at least, more acceptable levels of failure.

However, no matter how much a man practices alone, unless he is a collector of mint-condition popular culture memorabilia, he will one day want to take his tool out into the world and try it out under real world conditions, out in the field – as it were.

A field is - of course - a good place to start. A field is a good place to get the feel of things out in the open, providing the field, that is, is one not overly inhabited by domesticated livestock, who often leave a great deal of evidence of their passing and make rather a critical-seeming audience for those first fumbling attempts to get it out into the open.

At this point, and if it is not proudly at point then a little bit more solitary practice at home may be called for, it is wise to have some lady of experience: a cake shop manageress, post mistress, assistant librarian, or even a brace of dairymaids can all be recommended for these first few fumbling attempts as they all have a great deal of experience of assisting a man in becoming adept at his tool handling and the other necessary skills that denote full maturity in this – or indeed any other – field.

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